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Links To Other Law Of War

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Links Page Last Updated on 13 August, 2010

This Links Page contains sections for Historical Sites, National Military Sites (by country in alphabetical order), Military Law Handbook Sites, International Court & Criminal Tribunal Sites, Academic Research Sites, Military Archive And Library Sites, and Other Sites of Interest.


Historical Web Sites


World War I Document Archive

Documents Relating To World War II

U.S. World War II Documents

World War II Allied Resource Documents

Nuremburg Documents On-Line (Not complete but very valuable and getting more so)

My Lai Web Site

Law At War: Vietnam 1964-73

U.S. Diplomatic History Resources Index

U.S. Army Military History Institute

The Army Historical Foundation

Japan Center for Asian Historical Records


National Military Sites


Argentina: Air Force (Spanish Text Only)

Argentina: Army (Spanish text Only)

Argentina: Navy (Spanish Text Only)

Argentina: Database of Security And Defense


Australia: Department Of Defense

Australia: Defense Forces Academy

Australia: Defense Force Warfare Center

Australia: Defense Legal Services

Australia: Air Force

Australia: Army

Australia: Navy


Austria: Ministry of Defense

Austria: Armed Forces


Belgium: Air Force

Belgium: Army

Belgium: Navy

Belgium: Royal Military Academy

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina Ministry of Defense


Brazil: Air Force (Portuguese Text Only)

Brazil: Army (Portuguese Text Only)

Brazil: Navy (Portuguese Text Only)


Bulgaria: Ministry of Defense


Canada: Department of National Defense

Canada: Armed Forces College

Canada: Air Force

Canada: Army

Canada: Navy

Canada: Office of the Chief Military Judge

Canada: Judge Advocate Operational Law

Canada: Canadian Forces College

Canada: Royal Military College

Canada: Peacekeepers (unofficial)


Chile: Navy (Spanish Text Only)

Peoples Republic of China

China: Military Links

Federation of American Scientists on PLA

Global Security on PLA


Columbia: Air Force (Spanish Text Only)

Columbia: Navy (Spanish Text Only)


Croatian Ministry of Defense

Czech Republic

Czech Republic: Armed Forces

Czech Republic: Military Police


Denmark: Armed Forces

Denmark: Air Force

Denmark: Army

Denmark: Navy


Egyptian Armed Forces


Estonia: Ministry of Defense


Finland: Ministry of Defense

Finland: Finnish Defense Forces


France: Air Force

France: Army

France: Navy

France: Special Forces

France: The Institute For Higher Defense Studies

France: Military Links

France: Ministry of Defense


Germany Armed Forces

Germany: University Of The Federal Armed Forces


Greece: Ministry of Defense

Greece: Air Force

Greece: Army General Staff

Greece: Navy 


Guatemala: Armed Forces (Spanish text Only)


Hungary: Ministry of Defense


Iceland: Ministry for Foreign Affairs (Security Policy)


India: Armed Forces

India: Ministry of Defense

India: Air Force

India: Army

India: Navy


Indonesian Department of Defense


Ireland: Department of Defense

Ireland: Defense Forces

Ireland: Air Corps

Ireland: Army

Ireland: Naval Service


Israel: Air Force

Israel: Ministry of Defense Mission to U.S.


Italy: Ministry of Defense

Italy: Center For High Defense Studies

Italy: Air Force (Italian Text Only)

Italy: Army

Italy: Navy (Italian Text Only)


Japan: National Defense Academy

Japan Ministry of Defense National Institute for Defense Studies


Kazakhstan: Ministry of Defense

Republic of Korea

Korea (ROK) Air Force

Korea (ROK) Air Force Academy

Korea (ROK): Navy


Laotian Embassy to the United States


Latvia: Ministry of Defense

Latvian State War Museum


Armed Forces


Lithuania: Ministry of Defense

Lithuania: Armed Forces


Macedonia: Ministry of Defense


Malaysian Armed Forces


Mexico: Secretary of Defense (Spanish Text Only)

Mexico: Secretary of the Navy (Spanish Text Only)


Moldova: Ministry of Defense


Defense University of Mongolia

Mongolian General Staff




Netherlands: Ministry of Defense

Netherlands: Air Force (Dutch Text Only)

Netherlands: Army (Dutch Text Only)

Netherlands: Navy (Dutch text Only)

New Zealand

New Zealand: Ministry Of Defense

New Zealand: Army

New Zealand: Navy


Norway: Ministry of Defense

Norway: Air Force

Norway: Army (Norwegian Text Only)

Norway: Navy (Norwegian Text Only)


Pakistan: Ministry of Defense

Pakistan: Army

Pakistan: Navy

Pakistan: National Defense University

Pakistan: Armed Forces (Unofficial)

Pakistan: Defense Journal


Peru: Air Force (Spanish Text Only)

Peru: Air Force (Unofficial)

Peru: Army (Spanish Text Only)

Peru: Navy (Spanish Text Only)


Philippines: Armed Forces

Philippines: Military Academy

Philippines: Air Force

Philippines: Army

Philippines: Navy


Poland: Ministry Of National Defense


Portugal: Army (Portuguese Text Only)

Portugal: Navy (Portuguese Text Only)


Romania: Ministry of Defense

Romania: Land Forces

Romania: Air Force


Russia: Ministry of Defense

Russia: Center For Policy Studies

Russia Military Links

Russia: Military Review

Saudi Arabia

Ministry of Defense and Aviation


Serbian Ministry of Defense


Singapore: Ministry of Defense

Singapore: Air Force

Singapore: Army

Singapore: Navy


Slovakia: Ministry of Defense

Slovakia: Military Academy (Slovak Text Only)


Slovenia: Ministry of Defense

South Africa

South Africa: Ministry of Defense


Spain: Ministry of Defense

Spain: Air Force

Spain: Air Force (Unofficial Page)

Spain: Army


Sweden: Armed Forces

Sweden: Ministry of Defense


Switzerland: Armed Forces


Tanzania: Ministry of Defense


Thailand: Armed Forces Academies

Thailand: Air Force

Thailand: Navy


Turkey: Armed Forces

Turkish Defense Net


Turkmenistan: Military Institute


Ukraine: Ministry of Defense

Ukraine: Multinational Staff Officer Center

United Kingdom

British Defense Staff (Washington)

U.K.: Ministry Of Defense

U.K. Royal Air Force College

U.K.: Royal United Services Institute for Defense Studies

United States of America

U.S. Air Force Home Page

U.S. Air Force Ira C. Eaker Air War College (an excellent reference page)

U.S. Air Force Judge Advocate

U.S. Air Force JAG School

U.S. Air Force Law of Armed Conflict in Air And Space Operations

U.S. Air Force Legal Support (in combat situations)

U.S. Air Force Europe International Law Division

U.S. Air Force Material Command

U.S. Air Force Publications

U.S. Air Force Technical Applications Center

U.S. Air Force Technical Connections

U.S. Army Homepage

U.S. Army Judge Advocate Homepage

U.S. Army Judge Advocate's School

U.S. Army Command and General Staff College

U.S. Army War College

U.S. Army Forces Command

U.S. Army Material Command

U.S. Army Publications

U.S. Army Research Institute

U.S. Army Research Laboratory

U.S. Army Technology

U.S. Army Training And Doctrine Command (Note: This site allows access to numerous field manuals useful for specific research areas)

U.S. Army Center for Lessons Learned (Note links to numerous lessons learned sites)

U. S. Central Command

U.S. Coast Guard

U.S. Coast Guard,  Legal Program

U.S. Court Of Appeals For The Armed Forces

U.S. Department of Defense Homepage

U.S. Department of Defense Joint Non-lethal Weapons Program

U.S. Defense Technical Information Center

U.S. National Defense University

U.S. National War College

U.S. Pentagon Library

U.S. Marine Corps Homepage

U.S. Marine Corps JAG

U.S. Marine Corps Staff Judge Advocate to the Commandant

U.S. Marine Corps Office of Counsel to the Commandant

U.S. Marine Corps Combat Developments Command

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

U.S. Naval War College Law of Armed Conflict Research Page

U.S. Navy Judge Advocate Corps

U.S. Navy J.A.G. Tools Page

U.S. Navy Postgraduate School

U.S. Navy Surface Warfare Center

U.S. Navy Underwater Warfare Center

U.S. Department of the Navy Office of General Counsel


Uzbekistan Ministry of Defense


Venezuela: Army (Spanish Text Only)

Venezuela: Navy (Spanish Text Only)


Department of Economics/Ministry of Defense

Ministry of National Defense

Military Law Handbooks

Manual for Courts Martial

FM 27-10 The Law of War on Land

Commander's Handbook on the Law of Naval Operations NWP 1-14M Part 2 Law of Naval Warfare

Military Law and Justice Website

International Court and Criminal Tribunal Sites


Court TV: A Look Back At Nuremberg

Crimes Of War

European Court of Justice 

European Court of Human Rights 

General International Criminal Tribunal Site

Guantanamo Amnesty International Page

Guantanamo Information from WorldNews Network

Guantanamo Information on British Prisoners

Guantanamo General information

Inter-American Court of  Human Rights

International Court of Justice (World Court)

International Criminal Court

International Criminal Court Resources

Coalition for an International Criminal Court (CICC)

International Criminal Tribunal For Former Yugoslavia

International Criminal Tribunal For Rwanda

I.M.T. For The Far East (Tokyo)

Nuremberg Trial Documents

Project on International Courts and Tribunals (PICT)

Research Office for the War Crimes Tribunals for the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda

War Crimes Resources (Excellent research links)


Academic Research Sites


The Army Lawyer (Military law articles)

The Cambodian Genocide Program at Yale University

Columbia University Law School's International Page

Columbia University International Security Policy and Military Affairs Information Sources

Cornell University Law  School Legal Information Institute

Hieros Gamos: Guide To International Law

Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy

Foreign & International Law Resources On The Web

Harvard Human Rights Program

German Language links

Int-Lawyers (English translations of German & French cases)

International Law Institute

International Law Research Methods

International Law Sources

Law Links

New England School of Law Center for Int'l Law & Policy

University of Chicago Law Library

University Of Minnesota Human Rights Library

University of Western Australia Public International Law Site

United Nations University

U.S. Army Command and General Staff School Combined Arms Research Library

U.S. Supreme Court Database

Urban Morgan Institute for Human Rights at University of Cincinnati

Washington College of Law Center for Human Rights


Military Archives and Libraries


Canadian War Museum Research Centre



United Kingdom

Lidell Hart Centre for Military Archives

United States

George Marshall Foundation Library

McCormick Research Center (First Infantry Division)

Naval War College Historical Collection

National Defense University Library

U.S. Air Force Museum Archives

U.S. Army Heritage Collection

U.S. Marine Corps University Archives

U.S. Military Academy Archive

U.S. Naval Academy Archive

U.S. Submarine Force Library and Archive

Virginia Military Institute Archives


Other Sites Of Interest


American Society of International Law

Amnesty International

Arms Control Association (useful for research in this area)

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Discussion of WMDs)

Center for Defense Information

Center for Nonproliferation Studies

Center for Strategic and International Studies

Chemical and Biological Weapons Nonproliferation Project

Coalition Provisional Authority (Iraq)

Crimes of War Project

Global Security (Excellent news and technical data source)

GLIN-Global Legal Information Network (Library of Congress)

Human Rights Documents And Materials

Human Rights Internet

Human Rights Net

Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Web

Institute for the Advanced Study of Information Warfare

Inter-American Defense Board

International Committee Of The Red Cross

International Court Of Justice

International Institute for Strategic Studies

International Peacekeeping Journal

International Relations And Security Network

International Society For Military Law And The Law Of War

Lawyers Committee for Human Rights/Human Rights First

Marshall European Center for Security Studies

Military Lawyers Web Site

National Institute of Military Justice

Organization For Security And Cooperation In Europe

Project on Defense Alternatives

Project to Enforce the Geneva Conventions (very useful on Guantanamo detainees)

Public International Law Links

Rand Corporation

Reporters Without Borders

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

Strategy Page

Terrorism Research Center

U.N. International Law Page

UNESCO National Archives Portal

U.N. Space Law Web Site (excellent links to other sites)

U.N. Conventional Arms Branch Office of Disarmament Affairs

United States Department of State Country Studies

United States Institute of Peace


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